The Birds Have Come Back

American Goldfinch by Deborah O’Sullivan

In a letter from the 1870s, a teenaged Theodore Roosevelt wrote about the greening of spring trees and flowers, but, “above all,” he said, “the birds have come back.”

Sentiments have not changed in the years that have passed.  It is still good to hear melodic warblers and see bright finches after their winter absence, and anticipate the near arrival of the hummingbirds.


Long-billed Thrasher by Hector Astorga


Winners have been published from Audubon’s yearly photography contest — as usual they are stunning.  The top 100 may be seen on the organization’s website (out of 7,000 entries).  Although there are many exotic kinds captured by the cameras, my favorites are of the hermit thrush and cardinal.


Eastern Screech Owl by William Kleinfelder


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