Funny Papers

Comics strips capably speak for themselves.  Even very young children can understand them and like to hear them read aloud.  At the turn of the Nineteenth Century, The Yellow Kid cartoon (above) initiated the concept of yellow journalism, or sensationalism, but the funnies mostly prompt smiles and convey subtle points.  I chose a few that have marked my reading enjoyment, evoking nostalgic thoughts when I come across them again.

Snuffy Smith:

Dagwood and Blondie:



Image result for nancy cartoon strip

Beetle Bailey:

Beetle Bailey Birthday Strip Comic Art


Image result for peanuts comic strip


Calvin and Hobbes:

Image result for calvin and hobbes

The Far Side:


Did I overlook your favorite?



2 Replies to “Funny Papers”

  1. What a delightful trip down memory lane. Are comics still printed in papers? I only get a local and everything else is online or tv. Thanks


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