Or, The Trouble With Blogging

There are aspects of blogging that really bug me.  For example:

  • In the interest of scholarly research I try to cite sources, especially for photos and graphics.  But some of the best ones are on Pinterest, which directs you to someone’s blog.  Often the author doesn’t tell where it originated from.  Aarrgh!
  • The mechanics of the program I use set the first version in stone on notification emails.  This petrified original photo and blurb don’t change if I find a mistake and correct it, which Facebook will update.  So if you get an email message about a new post on either of my blogs, and something looks out of whack, I probably corrected it.  At least let’s say I did.
  • When I share my blog on FB, sometimes I forget to change the audience to “public” and only my friends can see it.  I WANT the public to see it.  I’ve received several messages from people in groups I’m in saying my attachment is unavailable, which prompts me to change the setting.

blogging firm  (Whomever you are, I appreciate and attribute this fine graphic to, you.)

  • And then there’s blogger’s block.  Same as writer’s block, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration.  Blogger’s block.  That felt good.  Sometimes I think there are no more interesting subjects to write about.  Then my brain gets going again after a meeting I attend, a conversation I have, a movie I watch, a book I read…  And yes, sometimes a random Google search for something else gives me an idea I hadn’t thought about before.
  • I would really like to have a nice, hard copy of my blog year by year.  As yet I know of no one that provides this service, aside from printing and binding it myself.  If I were rich and employed a secretary, I’d have him/her do it and throw the cost to the wind.

We’ll see if the time between writing and publishing this post is proportionate to the number of “blirksome things” I think of.  I bet not.  There are some pitfalls, but more benefits, to writing a blog.  I like it.

Any of my fellow bloggers have a pet peeve?


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