A Gift for All

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I have always liked to make things, and used to spend a lot of time trying to decide which homemade Christmas gifts to give; it was a necessity when dollars were scarce and our family was young.

I made nightgowns, counted cross stitch samplers, pillows, candy, lighted Ball jars, cookie mix, cocoa mix, coffee mix….  One year in college I made dolls from dishwashing soap bottles and material scraps.

Today it seems the homemade gifts I wrap come from craft shows, and I have faint dreams of copying them for another time.  This year I melted and molded soaps, which was fun and took a minimum amount of time for the way they turned out.

Whether a gift is homemade or store bought, edible or wearable, small or large, it can’t match the greatest gift in the form of a baby who grew up to be a man who would save us all.  It probably wasn’t in December or exactly 2016 years ago.  But it was a terrible sacrifice of the Giver, the gift above all others.  Merry Christmas.

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