The One That Got Away


You know the expressions “…rowing with oars out of the water…” and “…the lights are on but nobody’s home…”  Well, I have another one: “…taking pictures without a memory card.”

Yes, on a rainy day I brought my new camera to the most wonderfully landscaped park in town.  For weeks a friend and I had been planning to capture the tulips there when they bloomed.  I had responsibly thought, “I’ll take my old point-and-shoot just in case something happens to the battery in the new one.”  Hopping out of the car and enthusiastically angling in on the beautiful blooms, I’d taken several photographs when I decided to push the button and take a quick look at them.  Just a little reinforcement for the ego.

“No card,” Mr. Minolta said.

My heart sank.  But I put the point-and-shoot in one hand and my smart phone in the other, like a double-holstered cowboy, and kept firing.






I just know one of the ones I took with my Minolta with the aperture set on 5.6 before I discovered there was no memory card was the best flower pic ever.  But who would believe me?

I like the pictures I got.  And the first thing I did before starting this post was to take the Minolta card out of the computer and put it back where it belongs.

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