Author! Author!

Journalist Anderson Cooper began a week of special appearances in person at the April meeting of the Public Library Association in Denver.  He walked on stage in the theatre of the convention center there, saying, “What I want to know is: Who’s in the library right now?”

The top photo from my phone is of the big screen with captions; second from top is one live on stage.  As on 60 Minutes, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, CBS This Morning, Kelly and Michael, etc., he is very personable and direct.

Mr. Cooper had to “book it” (pardon the pun) to New York for a morning show the next day so he did not stay to autograph copies of The Rainbow Comes and Goes, about his relationship with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.  He did provide some already-signed books for sale afterwards, for which I was happy to wait in line.  And it debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List as #1!


From Tuesday through Thursday there were plenty of people available to sign books they’d written.  Lauren Myracle, below, has a new novel called Wishing Day.

The next author, Alison Hodgson, brought her main character, Oliver, along to meet convention attendees.  The Pug List tells of “a ridiculous little dog, a family who lost everything, and how they all found their way home.”


An unexpected pleasure was meeting a young author named Jessica Lawson who lives in Colorado, but, I found out, is a graduate of Homestead High School in Fort Wayne.  Interesting title, and from what I’ve already read, a wonderful book.  It’s about a little boy who has more than one reason to visit the famous Masters’ Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.  Her bookmarks were golf tees.

Children’s author Natasha Wing of The Night Before picture book series has a bubbly persona.   I was able to get The Night Before Kindergarten for my kindergarten teacher daughter, and the more recent The Night Before My Birthday for our granddaughter.  Shhhh!  It’s a surprise.

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