While my camera and I get to know each other, I’m going to share photographs that were named as winners in the BBC’s International Beautiful Garden Photo Contest this week.  I usually blog my own stuff, but these are too good not to have a wider audience.  And I’m sure they’ve delighted millions already.  So, in case you haven’t seen them, these pictures are my idea of highest accomplishment.

Red in Forest - Cheng Shi /

Chen Shi; Henan, China (This reminds me of a watercolor painting I attempted at a class I took with a friend!)


Iridescent Starling - Hazel Byatt /

Hazel Byatt; Surrey, UK


Magic Moment - Rosanna Castrini /

Jardin du Bois Marquis; Isere, France.

Frozen - Johannes Klapwijk /

Johannes Klapwijk; Zwolle, Netherlands.


Tekapo Lupins - Richard Bloom /

Tekap Lupins; Lake Takapo, New Zealand (overall winner).

More beautiful photographs from the contest may be seen at

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