Notes on Book Notes

Last week, in the middle of spring events that seemed to whirl like blossoms from our pear tree, I gave a talk about my book for the Indiana Chapter of the Theodore Roosevelt Association.  I’d been looking forward to this for a long time.

 Is eight year-old Teedie listening from his chair on the screen?

Listeners ranged from age 9 (our grandson) to 94 (the lovely mother-in-law of our chapter president).  I tried to remember the first rule for talking in public: what your audience is doing is as important as what you are saying.  Because the TRA members already possess quite a bit of knowledge on my subject matter, I knew I had to throw out material they hadn’t heard before.  So I showed several photos in a PowerPoint, including “scoops” yet unpublished.

I was “dee-lighted” that two excellent Roosevelt re-enactors, Gib Young and Larry Marple, were in the audience.

It was great fun.  The only problem I had was choosing which information to share.  It was easy to digress from my chiseled-down notes when I was reminded of a Roosevelt family story.

 The University Club in Indianapolis provides great atmosphere for fare and conversation.

I displayed some letters of encouragement I’ve received from Roosevelt scholar/writers: Edmund Morris, Geoffrey Ward, David McCullough, Ken Burns, and my late history teacher, John Fiandt.  And it was gratifying to talk with everyone who came to get a book signed.

For the record, I am available to give more presentations about The Amazing Bird Collection of Young Mr. Roosevelt; if your school, organization or book club is interested, please say so in the comment section.  And there is a 20-page study guide, free for the asking.

Photo Credits: Drew Manges

5 Replies to “Notes on Book Notes”

  1. I love that you got to do this, and I *love* that there is a TR association! (I really wish there was an Indiana King Ludwig Association, but oh well!). It does sound a bit intimidating to speak before a group of experts, but I’m sure you did marvelously. Another fun “small world” tidbit? Years ago, I had Gib Young come visit Civil War classes I taught. He is a CW reenactor — didn’t know he impersonated TR as well!

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    1. Yes, definitely! You can get information on how to join on the Theodore Roosevelt Association website. They have an annual meeting every year which is always interesting. This year it’s in Boston!

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