Great Shots

In case you haven’t seen or heard, the Audubon Society has published winners of their annual photography contest.  From top, I have pasted and copied here photos of a painted bunting by Zachary Webster, Edinburg, TX (youth award, which TR would’ve loved); black skimmers by Tim Timmis, Port Bolivia, TX; prothonotary warblers by Donald Wuori, Harleyville, SC; sandhill cranes by Jason Savage, Helena MT; and a great egret by Melissa Groo, Port Richey, FL.  Details about cameras and lenses used by the photographers, and 100 more shots may be seen at  And while you’re at the website, consider joining Audubon.  It’s a wonderful way to be a part of preserving our birds for future generations.






3 Replies to “Great Shots”

  1. These are truly amazing! I love looking at wildlife photography, since I’ve tried it a few times myself and not been too successful. A few months ago, my local library branch featured a talk by Brian Wood, who takes wonderful photos at Eagle Marsh. He said he goes there nearly every day, and often spends 2-3 hours waiting before something photo-worthy happens. Many days, he goes, waits, and nothing happens. I was impressed by the patience it must take to get these great shots.


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